Heparin Media

Articles of interest

Heparin Structure/Structural Analysis

  • An heparin dodecasaccharide, containing two contiguous antithrombin binding sequences, have been described and characterized for the first time.


  • HSQC correlation spectroscopy (HSQCcos) can extract chemically related signals from information-rich spectra obtained from complex mixtures such as heparin. 


Analytical Methods

  • Rapid pyrolysis is integrated with direct analysis in real time (DART) mass spectrometry to rapidly screen major glycosaminoglycans, including: heparin, chondroitin sulfate A, dermatan sulfate, and OSCS 


Heparin and Cancer

  • Heparin treatment attenuates tumor metastasis in mice by inhibiting P-selectin-mediated interactions of platelets with carcinoma cell-surface mucin ligands. 



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